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Deep Clean Your Floors and Upholstery

Do You Have Dirty or Heavily Soiled Carpets?

Tired of Scuffed Tile and Dirty Grout?

Ready to put life back into your hard floors?



We utilize two different deep cleaning methods for your carpet depending on the circumstances and needs:

VLM (Very Low Moisture) Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning - We utilize dry compounds and encapsulation treatments to collect and remove soils from the carpet. Extremely fast dry time of 30 minutes.

Carpet Extraction - We clean your carpets with our pre-treatment and agitation of your dirty soils and then use our shampoo extractor to remove soils and stains in the carpet.  Dry time takes 4-5 hours.

Hard Floors

We can restore your floors by giving them the proper treatment, buffing, and finishing that they need.  We can even set your facility on a floor maintenance plan to continue giving it the necessary protection to extend the life of the floors.

Contact us so that we can get to work for you!

Here are the Areas We Typically Service:

Boise, Idaho | Kuna, Idaho | Eagle, Idaho | Nampa, Idaho | Meridian, Idaho | Caldwell, Idaho

Prestige Cleaning is a reputed name in cleaning rugs and carpets of your home and office. We employ various carpet cleaning techniques including Low Volume Moisture (LVM) and Extraction methods. These all are recommended procedures for cleaning dust, stains, dirt, and giving your carpets a new, pristine look.

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